Given the right environment, mold can spread throughout your home or business and cause damage and expensive repairs. Additionally, mold can be extremely harmful to the health of your family or employees. Business owners, homeowners, and those in the process of buying a new home can benefit immensely from a mold inspection and from taking steps to reduce mold growth.

Seeking Professional Help

Professionals will have the proper equipment, such as moisture meters and infrared cameras, to detect moisture in hard-to-reach areas. They may be able to test the air quality in your home or business to determine if harmful spores are present.

Additionally, a mold inspector knows where to look and what to look for. They can easily discover leaks, plumbing issues, or problems with HVAC systems and ventilation in your home or business and make suggestions on how to resolve the items of concern.

Another major benefit of a professional mold inspection is determining the source(s) of moisture (i.e., a leaky roof or pipe). Then, they can create a solution to eliminate the current issue and prevent a recurring problem.

Prevent Mold from Growing

Folks can prevent mold growth by managing moisture, ensuring proper ventilation, air exchange, and cleanliness in all areas of their home or business. If you have experienced water damage in specific areas, pay special attention to these locations, even if they have been professionally remediated. In addition, consider the following tips.

Keep Surfaces Dry

In rooms that typically have more moisture, like your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to keep air flowing. Use fans to circulate air and ensure that surfaces stay dry.

Use a Dehumidifier

Prevent mold growth by keeping the humidity level in your home between 40-50%.

Use an Air Purifier

Use an indoor air purifier to remove mold spores traveling through the air. This will prevent mold spores from accumulating and spreading.

Replace Air Filters

While air purifiers are great, they are only as good as their filters. Make sure to check on your air filters regularly to see if they need to be replaced. HVAC and HEPA filters are known to cultivate mold and mildew when not managed properly.

Keep Air Moving

Stagnant air traps humidity and creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to spread. You can keep the air flowing in your home by opening windows and by using fans.

Keep an Eye Out for Mold and Mildew

The sooner you identify it, the easier it will be to treat. Mildew can be treated with a commercially available cleaner and scrub brush since it is a surface fungus. However, do-it-yourself remedies are not recommended for mold. This is because mold can penetrate surfaces and grow in areas that are difficult to reach.

Mold Inspection and Removal from Action 911

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